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  • Dob in a Dealer Campaign

    Crime Stoppers is calling on our community to Dob in a Dealer In December 2015 Crime Stoppers welcomed the Final Report of the National Ice Taskforce and in 2016 is pleased to be part of a whole of community response to the fight against ice. The negative effects drugs can have - such as violence, paranoia and depression have beenread more

  • Bushfire Arson and Reckless Fires Awareness Campaign

    Deliberately and recklessly lit bushfires and grass fires can destroy communities, infrastructure, livestock and human life. No matter whether it's deliberately or recklessly lit, the consequences of a bushfire can be devastating. Starting a bushfire, whether recklessly or deliberately, is a crime. It's up to everyoneread more

  • Travelling Con Men Campaign

    Don't be caught by a travelling con man What are traveling con men? Travelling con men are dodgy tradesmen who knock on doors of homes and small businesses, offering to do maintenance work. They appear more frequently during warmer weather and after natural disasters, such as floods, fires and storms, when vulnerable peopleread more

  • Hooning and Dangerous Driving Campaign

    What are the costs of road trauma? Road trauma affects thousands of Victorians every year. Around five people die on our roads every week, with 15 people seriously injured every day, and one person injured in a road incident every 30 minutes. There is also a substantial financial cost, with road trauma costing the Victorian communityread more

  • Say Something – Youth Violence & Sexual Assault

    “Jimmy” looks at violence affecting young men aged 16-24 fuelled by alcohol, drugs and other stimulants. It also looks at the possible, devastating consequences. There have been so many cases of young men being injured, critically injured or even killed by a random act of violence. “Rachel” focuses attention on the troublingread more

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