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The best way to protect family and friends from scams is to talk about it.

‘Let’s Talk Scams’ is a campaign from Victoria Police and Crime Stoppers Victoria and encourages the public to talk to their family and friends about scams and help prevent them from falling victim.

For more about the campaign, view the media release here.

According to the ACCC’s Scamwatch, Australians lost more than $114 million to financial scams this year with Victoria representing a quarter of those losses at $30 million.

Unfortunately, people over 65 are most likely to fall victim to financial scams. Scammers target older people because they are less likely to tell anyone. Talking about scams with your family, parents, and grandparents will help reduce feelings of embarrassment and shame, if they have fallen victim.

Talking about scams helps raise awareness among friends and family — it’s about shaming the scammer, not the victim.” 

CEO , Stella Smith

What are Financial Scams?

Financial scams are often disguised within financial trends like cryptocurrency, celebrity endorsements, superannuation or investment plans.

These scams will promise big payouts, fast money and guaranteed returns. If you give scammers money, they will not give any return on your investment and will end contact immediately. This makes it extremely difficult to retrieve your money!

They will contact you out-of-the-blue and at random. This includes unsolicited phone calls, text messages, emails and social media messages.

Tips For Talking About Scams:

Tell your parents and grandparents to contact you immediately if they think they are being scammed.

Never trust financial advice from a scammer. Ask your friends and family instead.

Never give your personal details, credit card or bank details to anyone. This includes online passwords to your bank, email or MyGov account.

If you have given money or personal details to anyone, there’s two steps you should do immediately:

  1. Call you bank first. Cancel your credit cards.
  2. Report to

Improve Your Scam Safety Skills:

To raise public awareness about financial scams and promote conversation around this issue Crime Stoppers Victoria has teamed up with Victoria Police and BankVic to produce a new podcast, Let’s Talk Scams.

The 40-minute episode offers listeners valuable scam prevention information from Detective Superintendent Jane Welsh of Victoria Police’s Cybercrime Division. Scott Wall, Chief Information Officer at BankVic is also featured.

Listen to the podcast now, or on SpotifyApple Podcast or Acast

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