keep your bike safe at home and away!

Bicycle network have provided us with some helpful tips for bicycle security

Bikes are a fantastic mode of transport, but they can be a big financial investment. So keeping it safe is important!

There’s several preventative measures you can take to help ensure your bike is around for rides to come. By implementing just a few simple security measures you can help protect your bike and make it easier to track down in the event of theft.

Engrave your bike

If you own a bike, it is a good idea to engrave your own ID number into the bike. This increases your chance of being reunited with your bike should it be stolen.

locking your bike

Always park your bike with a strong and secure lock. The strongest are generally D-locks which must be opened with a key.

They are designed to be very hard to cut through, even with an angle grinder. At Crime Stoppers we have seen multiple offenders who carry bolt cutters in their backpacks.

When parking your bike ensure both the frame and at least one wheel are locked up. Some people carry two locks to secure both wheels.

If your bike is stolen

Report the theft to the Police Assistance Line 131 444.

Parking your bike at home

Be careful where and how you park your bike at home. Don’t leave it on the front porch or unlocked in the apartment car park as these are common locations for bike thefts.

parking your bike in public

If you park your bike in public regularly think about replacing some of the quick release mechanisms on the wheels and seat.

Sometimes thieves will steal a seat or wheel if they can just pop open the quick release. These quick release mechanisms can be replaced with nuts and bolts that need tools to undo them. Your local bike shop can assist.


Parkiteer bike parking facilities at railway stations and public transport hubs are special, secure rooms to park bikes in. They are free to use but can only be accessed by registered users with an access card.

Parkiteer means you can leave your bike at a station during the day knowing that it is not out in the open. Parkiteers are also located closer to platforms than car parks , so your trip to the station can also be quicker and easier if you ride.

You should still use a secure lock to lock your bike in a Parkiteer and not leave it in the cage for extended periods of time.

Parkiteer is a Public Transport Victoria service operated by Bicycle Network.

Uploading your ride

If you use a cycling app to upload your rides online you should always start and end the ride a little bit away from your front door. Sadly, thieves use these apps to find people who ride, see their address and target their bike.

If you know something, say something.

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