Reference: CSV4129

Date: 26/12/2019


Date: 26/12/2019
Location: South Melbourne
Authorities are seeking any information from the public regarding an Eastern Pine Snake (Pituophis melanoleucus) found on the balcony of a South Melbourne apartment building located on the corner of Kavanagh Street and Southbank Boulevard.

The exotic snake was located and reported to authorities on Thursday, 26 of December 2019.

This is the first recorded instance of this species of snake and the genus “Pituophis” being detected in Victoria and there is no record of it having been kept legally or illegally anywhere in Australia prior to this event.

It is believed the snake was not more than a couple of months old and authorities suspect the white reptile had been kept in captivity as a pet prior to its escape.

The Eastern Pine Snake is a declared controlled pest animal, and it is illegal for members of the public to import, keep, breed, trade or release them in Victoria.

Eastern Pine Snakes pose one of the greatest threats to biodiversity as they have the potential to establish in Victoria and predate upon and spread disease to our native wildlife.

If anyone has information about this animal or any other exotic species of reptile in Victoria, please make a confidential report to Crime Stoppers.

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