Getting help on public transport and nights out

Getting help on public transport…

If you’re on a train, tram or bus and there is an emergency, alert the driver and they can call for help. Trains have an emergency intercom button that will allow you to speak to the driver.

Near public transport you may see Transport workers or Protective Services Officers (usually called PSOs). PSO’s are not police, but have many of the same powers as police. Their job is to keep people safe at the train station. You can ask them for help if you feel unsafe.



Staying safe on a night out…

If you’re going out to the bar, the pub, or to a club, make sure to keep yourself and your friends safe. Tell someone where you’re going and when you plan to return. Stay alert and walk with other people in areas that are well-lit and well populated.
Make a plan to get home safely. In Australia, drink-driving or driving whilst on drugs is against the law, so make sure you have a designated driver or another way of getting home. If you decide to taxi or use a ride-sharing service like Uber, make sure you keep enough money set aside for the ride home.



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