If you are in an emergency or feel threatened

In you are in an emergency…

In Australia, in an emergency call 000 (Triple Zero or Zero, Zero, Zero). This is a free call from any phone or public telephone in Australia. You can also dial 112 from any mobile phone, even if it’s locked or doesn’t have a SIM card.

The operator will ask if you would like police, fire or ambulance.

For more information about Triple Zero go to www.triplezero.gov.au.


If you are feeling threatened…

If you feel threatened by somebody, by verbal abuse or other signs of physical violence:

  • Remain calm, and move to a safe place where there are other people around.
  • Ask police, Protective Services Officers (PSOs), security, or another trusted person for help. In an emergency, call Triple Zero (000), if safe to do so.


For more information on Project Study Safe, click here.


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