Safeguard your community

When an offender breaks into someone’s home, no-one can predict what will happen once they are inside.

Working with Victoria Police, Crime Stoppers is encouraging people to safeguard their community by reporting criminals involved in suspicious burglary activity.

Aggravated burglary offending is when someone breaks into a home while a person(s) is present. It is a public safety concern that can often lead to other incidents including thefts of motor vehicles, family violence, and sometimes violence towards the victim.

The most common residential burglary is the ‘creep-in’ style burglary where an offender will enter a property without being detected by the residents inside.

Although these offenders are likely to move on if a silent entry is not achievable, if the offender is armed and startled, this could result in serious harm against the victim.

With unlocked doors the most common point of entry in aggravated burglary offences, it is extremely important to lock up and secure the windows and doors to your property.

Keep in mind, locking up is never a guarantee. Criminals see imaginary dollar signs on everything and may not be deterred from your home despite security and locked doors.

If an offender enters your home, they will likely be looking for cash, credit cards and keys – especially car keys. Besides locking up your home, ensure valuables are not displayed or visible in your home – offenders will take whatever they can find, even your car parked in the driveway!

Report burglary in your community by sharing with Crime Stoppers what you know about offenders breaking in or any suspicious burglary activity.

Suspicious burglary activity includes:

  • Loitering around residential areas at unusual times of days, more than once a day
  • Unknown motor vehicles driving slowly around a neighbourhood on more than one occasion
  • A person looking into a home through the windows and/or trying to open the windows or doors
  • Selling suspicious property/items on local trade and buy groups online (i.e. Facebook)

No one is protected from crime and that’s why it is so important to share what you know to Crime Stoppers.

Crime Stoppers is a confidential crime reporting service that does not require any personal details and protects the identity of the caller or individual reporting online.

It’s time to speak up about offenders breaking in!

If you have any information about offenders involved in burglary, make a confidential report to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online.

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