How to prevent theft and scams

How to prevent theft…

Phones, laptops, cash and other valuables are attractive to thieves, so help protect them by:

  • Never leaving valuables unattended
  • Keep valuables such as phone & wallet in a safe pocket in your clothing.
  • Leaving valuables securely at home if you don’t need them including your passport.
  • Keeping bags zipped up and putting cash away immediately after a transaction or when at the ATM.
  • Keeping PIN numbers and passwords stored securely, and never kept with the card itself.
  • Keeping your windows and doors locked.

If you are the victim of theft, don’t put yourself in danger by trying to get your items back. Contact your local police station (Visit to find your nearest station).



Information about scams…

Scammers can use the internet, email, social media, or call you on your phone. Sometimes they might tell you about a way to make you rich or save money, or they might pretend to be a government official and say that you or your family are in trouble with the police or other government agency.

The best way to avoid being a victim of a scam is to learn about how to identify a scam. Information on common scams and how to protect yourself is available on the Australian Government’s Scamwatch website, at, or in-language at Consumer Affairs Victoria: .

If you suspect that you are a victim of a scam, contact your local police. Cybercrime can also be reported online at



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