About the Organisation

Crime Stoppers Victoria (CSV) is a not for profit crime fighting organisation that relies on the support of the community and the generosity of supporters to continue our vital work. Crime Stoppers runs community crime prevention campaigns throughout Victoria with a focus on supporting regional and rural Victorians where resources are limited, and our metropolitan work focuses on crime detection.

Standing independently of both the Victorian Government and Victorian Police, our vision is to reduce crime and make Victoria a safer place. We work alongside all segments of the community and empower them to take control of crime in their community; providing the only confidential reporting mechanism feeding information directly to the police. Each information report received from the community saves an estimated 2 investigation days of police time – that means more Victorian Police on the streets keeping our state safe.

In 2020, Crime Stoppers Victoria is celebrating 32 years of helping Victorians keep their community safe. Since starting in 1987, CSV has taken over 1,139,000 calls, helped make more than 25,700 arrests, collected information to lay more than 99,000 charges and assisted in the recovery of more than $297 million dollars’ worth of property, drugs and stolen property.

Origins of Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers originated in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA in 1976 in an effort to solve a brutal murder case. In July 1976, a young man was working at a petrol station in a small town. During a night shift, two men robbed the station and the man was viciously shot and killed. This was the culmination of a series of robberies against petrol stations in the area.

A local detective, Greg MacAleese, believed local people had committed the crimes and someone in the community could have information. However, people were not willing to talk to the police and after six weeks, there were still no leads.

In a final act of desperation, the detective approached a local TV network, requesting a TV reconstruction of the event. The re-enactment offered informants total anonymity and a cash reward of $1000, for information leading to the arrest of the offenders.

Within 72 hours of the program going to air, a person called with some information regarding a car speeding away from the scene, which ultimately became the missing link in the case, leading to the arrest of the offenders.

An unexpected bonus emerged from this tragic event, enabling the community to assist in solving a variety of crimes through the use of an anonymous ‘tips line’. Crime Stoppers was initiated from this point and continues today.

Coming to Victoria

In 1985, Crime Stoppers Life Member Geoff Wilkinson secured a Churchill Fellowship enabling him to travel overseas and investigate community-based crime-prevention programs.  It was Geoff who brought the concept of Crime Stoppers back to Australia while working for Victoria Police.  His recommendation to launch such a program in Victoria in 1987 was warmly endorsed by the then Chief Commissioner “Mick” Miller.

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