Operation Roam: Rogue Radar

Crime Stoppers Victoria are calling on all members of the public to help track down the 10 outlaws named on this year’s ‘Rogue Radar’ list, some of whom are wanted for serious offences including murder and sexual assault.

Operation Roam: Rogue Radar asks Australians to visit www.crimestoppers.com.au to view the list of fugitives to see if they recognise any of the faces. Any information about these offenders should be reported to Crime Stoppers immediately.

Crime Stoppers Victoria CEO, Erika Owens is encouraging the community to take a close look at the list and see whether they recognise any of the fugitives.

“It is quite simple for people to fly below the radar and assume new lives in a different town or city,” says Ms Owens.

“We ask that everyone please keep an eye out in their neighbourhood and confidentially report any information about these people or their whereabouts to Crime Stoppers. No piece of information is too small, and all information received is handled in utmost confidence. There is no caller ID or IP tracing.

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