Why two-factor authentication should be number one your to-do list

Two-factor authentication won’t save you from hackers, but it’ll make you a lot harder to target.

In 2020, having a strong password is the absolute bare minimum step to securing your accounts, and often it isn’t enough. Step in, two-factor authentication.

In the most simple terms, two-factor authentication combines something you have with something you know and it isn’t as foreign of an idea as you may expect.

Think of an ATM, when you go to withdraw cash you need a card and your PIN. You’d never expect to access your money without a card- even cardless withdrawals require you to have a mobile phone to prove who you are. That’s exactly how two-factor authentication works. You know your login details, and you need to have access to your phone to receive a one-time code.

This simple additional security step will help protect your data, and provide better peace of mind as you engage with the digital world.

As we continue to regularly see data breaches and black-market sales of user data, adding two-factor authentication can help protect your accounts. Most smartphones have applications that allow you to keep all your authentication codes in one place.

Two-factor authentication may cost you an extra 20 seconds in the short term, but it’ll save you months of rebuilding if your accounts are ever hacked.

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