Loose clicks invite hacker tricks

We’ve all heard of the friend of a friend of a friend whose aunt got caught in an email scam.
We’ve all sighed and thought about how we would never fall for such a scam. But what if you did? Can you spot an email scam? Are you alert enough to identify potential hacks or unsafe links?

The hackers of 2020 aren’t the shady men in hoodies tapping away at their keyboards after dark anymore. They’re clever, they’re alert, and they’re coming up with more convincing stories.

There are two online scams that you should be particularly wary of.
First is the email scam. Email scams are becoming more and more sophisticated, with many now replicating reputable brands emails to confuse users. Look out for unfamiliar domain names in emails. Hover over the name the email is from, and confirm the address matches before opening. Never open attachments you weren’t expecting, and always copy and paste links before visiting them to ensure they take you where they say.

Second are the advertising scams which are less common but just as harmful. Ad banners or pop-ups will tell you you’re a lucky winner or ask you to provide information before proceeding to a website. If this happens, close the windows and never provide information.

Hackers want one of two things, to control your accounts, or to get your money, so be overly cautious online.

The best mentality when online is if it sounds too good to be true, it almost definitely is. Sorry, you haven’t won a free iPhone and you do not have a long-lost aunt that left her estate to you but doesn’t know where you live.

If you run into a scam while online, report it to ScamWatch and help protect yourself and others from falling victim to hackers.

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