IM and email health check

There is something incredibly cathartic about unsubscribing to marketing emails, but what about the ones you receive that you never signed up to?

Email scams have become a part of our digital realities, but there are ways to keep yourself safe.

Firstly, unsubscribe from any emails you no longer want or need to receive. Even better, set up a separate account specifically for marketing and non-important communications. We tend to not hold on to or protect our email as much as we do our mobile numbers when we really should. Just think about it, your email connects every part of your online presence, you should protect it.


Be smart when setting up your email. There are many ways to get an email address, with web-based providers being one of the most common. If using a free web-based provider, choose a reputable site. Big name providers such as Gmail and Outlook can be trusted to provide a safe experience, and generally have good spam filters too.

Never click on spam. Email servers are getting better and better at detecting spam emails, with most heading directly to spam or junk boxes. While it can be tempting to click on one and have a chuckle at what may be inside, the best option is to delete it unopened. If one does happen to slip through the spam filter, block the email address it came from and report the scam to ScamWatch.

Finally, update your password regularly (link). Using two-factor authentication (link) alongside a strong password will help keep your emails safe from outside users. If someone does happen to get your login details, two-factor authentication acts as a kind of last defence.

Doing these few things will help keep your inbox safe, and tidy! Emails aren’t going anywhere, so make sure yours is safe.

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