Dob in a Dealer – Wangaratta

Crime Stoppers urges Wangaratta residents to Dob in a Dealer

Monday 11 April 2016

Time is up for drug deaDIAD Web Ad (300x250)_csvlers in Wangaratta, with Crime Stoppers calling on local residents to report information about those manufacturing and distributing crystal methylamphetamine (‘ice’) and other illicit drugs in their neighbourhoods.

Crime Stoppers will be targeting the Wangaratta region for a two week intensive Dob in a Dealer campaign from Monday, 11 April to Sunday, 24 April to gather information about local drug dealing activity.

Residents are urged to contact Crime Stoppers to confidentially report any information relating to people who may be bringing harmful drugs into the local community.

The campaign was rolled out across 15 towns in regional Victoria last year, contributing to a 168% increase in drug-related Information Reports to Crime Stoppers.

“Local residents often hold the key to information that can help reduce crime and its impact on the community,” said Crime Stoppers Victoria CEO Sam Hunter.

“No one knows your neighbourhood better than you do, so Crime Stoppers is asking residents in Wangaratta to play an active role and report people that are manufacturing, supplying or dealing in illicit drugs in the region.

“Please pick up the phone, or report online any piece of information you have relating to the manufacture or supply of ice or other illicit drugs into your town. No matter how small the detail, any piece of information you provide may assist police in identifying who is responsible for the flow of these harmful drugs to your community.

“Making a report to Crime Stoppers is completely confidential. You will never be identified or called up for a court case, but every piece of information you provide can help solve crimes and reduce the supply of illicit drugs to regional Victoria.”

Crime Stoppers’ Dob in a Dealer program is being rolled out across Australia to aid in the detection and disruption of drugs being supplied across the nation.

The Wangaratta campaign marks the first of 17 campaigns across Victoria in 2016. More than 75 campaigns will be held nation-wide.

Victoria Police Local Area Commander (LAC) for Wangaratta, Inspector David Ryan, said: “Our front line police are all too familiar with the devastating impacts illicit drugs can have on a person, their family and those in their community.

“Drug dealers are not your ‘friends’ as they might say they are. A mate would never supply another mate with a substance that puts their life at risk.

“We need a whole of community approach to tackle the flow of these harmful substances in to our neighbourhoods and Dob in a Dealer provides the community with a way to contribute to this fight by providing information, confidentially, about drug offending in their area.

“The smallest piece of information could save someone’s life.”

Methylamphetamine is a complex issue involving not only law enforcement, but is increasingly identified as a health issue. Dob in a Dealer is aimed at identifying the manufacturers and distributors of methylamphetamine and other illicit drugs, rather than the end user.

Crime Stoppers is aware that some people reporting may have an existing addiction to drugs or may be family members of someone suffering an addiction. Crime Stoppers will refer those who require assistance to local health care agencies where they can discuss treatment options.

If you or someone you know is affected by drug use or addiction, please contact support services such as Family Drug Help on 1300 660 068 or Youth Support and Advocacy Service on 1800 014 446.

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