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This video is available with subtitles in हिंदी, Bahasa Indonesia, 中文 , Tiếng Việt and بهاس ملايو.

Sometimes it’s hard being alone in a new city.
You are not alone!

The Study Safe Project is a partnership between Crime Stoppers Victoria (CSV) and Study Melbourne, aiming to improve safety for the international student community in Victoria.

Victoria is a great place to live and study, and we are here to help you with tips and information to maximize your safety

Here are some things to know to keep yourself safe and to find help when you need it:

Student experiences around safety in Victoria

International students engaged with Study Safe! They volunteered to create a series of videos to provide peer-to-peer safety advice. In the video below, students share in their own voices, their lived experiences with safety in Victoria.

Below we have selected inspiring stories from international students expressing their feelings about studying in Victoria and their experiences when seeking help from police, universities and other officials.

“The security systems in Melbourne are amazing since there are so many CCTV in many places where has potentials in crime. Moreover, it is much easier to catch and get help from the officer if happens to us”.

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“I’ve lived in London, Washington DC and several smaller cities in the US and have been pretty happy with how safe I feel here!”

“Here people follow the rules and respect others. There is a high civic culture”

“I personally feel the people and the environment make me feel safe. The fact that there are protected service officers at all the train stations makes it safer to travel even after dark”.

“I can use the phone while I walk on the street. My university and local friends always offer accompaniment and help to keep me safe”

“The see the amount of care and effort Melbourne police puts in to ensure safety of the people”

“I see many locals who are ready to help”

“The supporting system for International students makes me feel safe in choosing Melbourne as place to pursue my education. The community safer program particularly in my University offers various services for students to stay safe as they believe everyone has the right to feel safe. I can stay till late at the university because the university escort will assist us to walk to the near tram stations.”

“The friendly people around makes you feel more comfortable. There are police patrolling around the city. They are easily approachable people and ready to help. This make me feel safe in Melbourne”.

“I love the system that is being operated here in Melbourne Victoria. No matter who you are you get punished if you’re criminal. Equality and Justice for everyone”.

“Melbourne is far different from my home country. Living and studying in Melbourne have given me so much opportunities to become a better person – volunteering, internship, friends, student support services, people and so on. I feel safe in Melbourne because at late nights, there are always Police Officers at every stations. This makes me feel safe when I have to come back home so late, I do not feel scared of gangs or unusual people at all when seeing Police Officers. I feel safe in Melbourne because everyone has the same opportunities as everyone else as long as you give it the hardest try. It is equal when there are Authorised Police Officers to check myki so that everyone should be responsible for touching on their valid myki card. I feel safe in Melbourne because it is the most liveable city in the world for 7 consecutive years and Australia is the 9th most democratic country (top 10 in the world) and lastly, I love Melbourne because it has changed my life in a positive way”

“Protective Service Officers (PSOs) at train stations make me feel safe at night while travelling between my university and home. I like the independence of being able to study, work and be responsible for my actions while trying to balance different life goals. Studying in Melbourne made me realise how people of different backgrounds think and the diversity in ideas that they bring to group projects which helps me in developing my own perspective on life”.

“Living in Melbourne is slow pace and not crowded at all compared to other major cities. This makes me feel less stressed. People and students in my university are friendly and easy-going as well which makes me more comfortable. My university also promotes the inclusion of all cultures which I could experience the diversity of culture and thus feeling more confident when facing people from different cultures. I live to be staying here since here just feels like my second home and my safe zone”.

“I feel safe when I travel on Melbourne public transportation, especially at night after my work. There are Protective service officers and are friendly. I feel safe when I see them at the train station and they observe when the trains pass every single station”.

“Before I came here, I have no idea about Melbourne. But after I searched for a few minutes, most of the contents are claimed that “Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world” and of course I chose to come here without hesitation. Since I got here, I told myself that I made a great decision. First, I was surprised with the nationalities mixed, no matter what your background is, you can equally live and study here. Second, street performance and events always make the city lively and gathering people. Third, I feel safe and sound, as I live in the CBD and even though at midnight I still can find a free tram to get home safely or if I walk, I can see a lot of police cars driving around. Sometimes I complain about the weather, but if I can choose again, I surely choose Melbourne”.

*Phrases might have been altered to ensure the meaning of the students.

Study Safe Resources

For more information about Crime Stoppers and Victoria and Study Safe Resources, click here.

Posted on July 9, 2018
Crime Stoppers Victoria acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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