Breaking Bad Habits Campaign

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Crime Stoppers is encouraging Victorians to break bad habits formed during Covid lockdown, with a clear message to ‘Lock it or Lose it.’

Crime Stoppers is partnering with Victoria Police to encourage everyone to practice good safety habits in a new campaign to prevent theft.

Crime Stoppers is launching ‘Breaking Bad Habits’ with Victoria Police on Wednesday, 03 March 2021.

The ‘Breaking Bad Habits’ campaign is asking everyone to be more vigilant when leaving their cars, homes and bicycles.

With up to 75% of Victoria’s workers permitted to return to the office this week, this could be the first time in 12 months that their homes will be empty.

Breaking Bad Habits’ encourages people to pay attention to their security habits especially when leaving their homes, parking their cars at the train station or bicycles at parking racks.

Chief Executive of Crime Stoppers Victoria, Stella Smith says not locking up our homes, cars and bicycles presents criminals with an easy opportunity.

“It would be nice to live in a world where we don’t have to lock anything, but the reality is quite different, and we do need to protect ourselves and our property.”

“At Crime Stoppers we have seen countless CCTV images of thieves using credit cards they have stolen from parked cars. “

“Don’t wait until your wallet is stolen from the ‘hiding place’ in your car. Always take the wallet with you.”

Stella Smith says the best way to overcome a bad habit is to replace it with a good one:

“Take your wallet with you instead of hiding it in your car and always lock up your bicycle on a parking rack in a secure, visible area.”

Bike thefts in Stonnington and Port Phillip are on the rise, with most offences occurring in multi-level car parks and residential apartments. The spike in bike sales during Covid may tempt thieves to steal bikes and sell them in second-hand marketplaces.

Stealing from cars may have reduced during Covid restrictions but is now on the increase, according to police in Stonnington and Port Phillip.

Superintendent of Victoria Police, Anthony Silva says

“Since the easing of restrictions, police have noticed an increase in these types of offences, and we want to remind the community about the importance of basic security measures, such as locking their homes and cars.”

“We want to reassure the community that police are working hard to prevent and disrupt this kind of offending. Based on intelligence, police will be proactively tasking officers to patrol known hotspots within the Stonnington and Port Phillip areas at key times when we know this type of offending is likely to occur.”

Stella Smith says that sharing information with Crime Stoppers is also an important habit to have:

“If you see suspicious activity in your community, let Crime Stoppers know by calling us on 1800 333 000 or by submitting an online report at”

Posted on March 3, 2021
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