Farm Crime

What is farm or rural crime?

Farm crime includes offences ranging from illegal hunting to the theft of stock, equipment, firearms and diesel. Crime statistics show that in the year to 30 March 2019, almost 3600 farm-related thefts were recorded in Victoria.

Criminals often target farms and large properties because of their remoteness which increases their opportunities to operate undetected.

For more information on how to protect your property, take a look at our farm security checklist.

why should 'locals get vocal'?

Rural crime has a significant impact on farm owners and the towns where this type of criminal activity is taking place. It hurts not only the victim’s hip pocket but also how much they have to spend in their community. This crime is not isolated to one or two geographical regions, there are reports of this taking place statewide. We urge locals to get vocal to help stop this crime in regional Victoria.

If you know about a crime – report it. If you have a suspicion about a crime – report it. You can report online here or call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Crime Stoppers also urges people to not buy crime – check the authenticity of any second-hand goods you are buying. Your bargain might be someone else’s heartbreak and may even result in criminal charges for possessing stolen goods.

If you are the victim of farm crime, please ensure you report it as soon as possible by calling the Police Information Line on 131144.  The more recent information is, the more valuable it is, and every bit counts when police are investigating a crime.

this person has upped their security.
have you upped yours?

Prevention of rural farm crimes should also be a priority for farm owners and operators. They can employ measures such as locking gates, installing cameras and locking firearms and ammunition separately.

The safety of property, equipment and livestock is vital for farm owners and those who are dependent on the land’s resources. Click through on the image below for more information on how you can increase the levels of security protecting your possessions.

need some help? watch the videos below for some useful tips

Farm security checklist

Crime Stoppers Victoria, with Victoria Police have prepared a checklist to help primary producers assess the security of their properties. 

It covers potential areas of vulnerability, and makes suggestions
for adapting and improving on-farm security to reduce the risk of rural crime.

Click on the checklist image to view or download the document.

Report Farm Crime

If you know about a crime – report it. If you have a suspicion about a crime – report it.
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