Break-ups, break-ins, break-downs… are all things we don’t want to experience but sometimes can’t be prevented.
Well, Except for break-ins...

it's time for us to break the bad habits we formed during lockdown

Whether it’s our car, home, or bike security, if we swap out bad habits for the ones below, we can help protect our valuables from theft.

Pets. We love them! They’re a part of the family. So, when they are taken from yards and unlocked doors, it can be heart breaking.

Unfortunately, more and more stories of stolen pets have surfaced – especially since lockdown.

Habit to Break

Leaving pets unattended in the front or back yard.

Habit to Have

If possible, keep your pets indoors or in a secure backyard with a high fence so passers-by cannot gain access.

Thieves will target cars searching for cash, credit cards, phones, and laptops. Even if your valuables are ‘hidden’, loose coins or keys could indicate to a thief, there’s more to be found!

If you leave your wallet in your car and it’s stolen, you will have to replace and cancel not only your credit card but your Medicare, driver’s license, myki or gym membership cards.

Habit to Break

Leaving your car unlocked when parked in the street or driveway.

Habit to Have

Always lock your car. Never leave valuables ‘hidden’ but take them with you. And if you’re unsure it’s locked, double check!

Did you jump on the bike trend during the Tour de Pandemic?!

If so, have you purchased equipment to secure your bike at your home and in public?

Bike thieves often target storage cages by gaining access through unlocked security doors and ‘tailgating’ their way into the carpark basement.

Habit to Break

Leaving your bike unlocked, even when stored away.

Habit to Have

Use a high-quality bike lock (D or U lock) when leaving your bike unattended, even when it is in a safe storage space.

People who steal mail may be trying to take your identity or that parcel you’ve been waiting so desperately to receive!

Being home during lockdown made it a lot easier to collect mail. If you are returning to work or school, it’s important to have a plan in place for how you will receive your mail.

Habit to Break

Thinking your mail will be safe while you’re away for a few days.

Habit to Have

Asking a trusted neighbour to collect your mail while you’re out of town or getting deliveries re-directed to your local Post Office.

If there’s one more good habit to have,
it’s to share what you know with Crime Stoppers.

If you see suspicious activity in your community, let us know here.
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