Cultural Diversity Focus of Crime Stoppers Day 2018

No matter what your background, Your Voice Matters – that’s the message being issued by Crime Stoppers today.

As part of their ongoing efforts to encourage the community to report information about crime, Crime Stoppers programs are working to embrace cultural diversity this Crime Stoppers Day 2018.

Crime Stoppers Australia Chair, Trevor O’Hara, said the successful crime-solving program had long advocated that crime affects all cultural backgrounds.

“It is important to reassure everyone that Crime Stoppers is an independent program that acts as a trusted link between the community and enforcement agencies,” Mr O’Hara said.

“We are seeing people from all walks of life falling victim to large, complex crimes in areas such as fraud, drug production and dealing, human trafficking, child exploitation, and environmental crime so our focus for Crime Stoppers Day is to promote awareness of the program to the entire community.

“Crime affects everyone, and stopping crime is everyone’s responsibility. If you have any information that can help the authorities, we have well-trained team members on standby to help, and we can arrange translation services if necessary.”

The 2016 Census shows that nearly half (49%) of Australians had either been born overseas (first generation Australian) or have one or both parents born overseas (second generation Australian).

In Victoria, 28% of people were born overseas in over 200 countries, while 26% speak another language outside of English at home.

Crime Stoppers Victoria CEO Erika Owens said the crime detection, reporting and prevention organisation is committed to ensuring the entire Victorian community is able to access its services and report information on crime.

“Victoria is the fastest growing State in Australia and we’re extremely proud of our rich cultural diversity,” she said.

“We’re absolutely committed to ensuring everyone feels safe to report crime information to us, confidentially. Our on-going work with international students is just one example of our efforts to ensure our information and services are accessible to everyone.

“Our message is clear – regardless of your background, you can play a part in making a safer and more secure Australia by contacting Crime Stoppers and sharing any information. Call 1800 333 000 or go online to to make a confidential crime report. We only need the information – not your name.”

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