Crime Stoppers Victoria partnering with the Victorian Government and Victoria Police to stamp out fuel theft

Crime Stoppers Victoria is partnering with the Victorian Government to target perpetrators of fuel theft throughout Victoria.

The We See You campaign launching today across Victoria, warns fuel thieves that stealing fuel is a crime, and sends a clear message to those contemplating driving away without paying: We See You.

Over the next month, Crime Stoppers Victoria will be leading a crackdown on fuel theft, releasing images and CCTV footage of individuals who have been filmed allegedly stealing fuel.

In addition to CCTV, witnesses are being urged to report any sightings of fuel theft to Crime Stoppers.

Victoria Police Acting Commander Peter Brigham said police are committed to putting an end to fuel theft.

“Fuel theft is a criminal offence and we are working closely with the industry to investigate offences and charge offenders,” he said.

“Crime Stoppers will be referring any relevant information received during this campaign to Victoria Police to assist in these investigations.”

Crime Stoppers’ Victoria CEO, Erika Owens, said that now is the time to shine a light on the impact of this crime and put a stop to fuel theft.

“Crime Stoppers Victoria is working with the Victorian Government and the Victorian Police to shine a light on the theft of fuel in Victoria.”

“We know that information from the community helps to solve crime, we see it every day at Crime Stoppers, so please get behind this campaign and report what you know.

“Together, we can make our community a safer place to work and live.”

Crime Stoppers Victoria would like to thank the Victorian Government for their contribution of $25 million crime prevention package to support communities, which includes Crime Stoppers Victoria and the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council.

This funding includes investment in helping Crime Stoppers Victoria continue its day-to-day operations and essential crime prevention work to help keep communities safe.

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