Crime Stoppers Victoria Podcast Series

Crime Stoppers Victoria produce a series of podcasts relating to crime and community safety.

Here you can listen to our published podcasts. You can listen here, or on Spotify or iTunes.

Cybercrime – Online Threats and Protection During Covid-19

Crime Stoppers Victoria explores the opportunities cyber criminals are exploiting during the current global pandemic.

The podcast takes both a local and international look at the types of online criminal activity occurring and how we can best protect ourselves from becoming a victim.

In part-one, Doug Witschi, Associate Director of Cybercrime Threat Response INTERPOL shares the global impact cyber criminal activity is having during Covid-19. We also learn on how to best protect ourselves from cyber criminals.

In part-two, Professor Yang Xiang, Dean of the Digital Research and Innovation Platform at Swinburne University of Technology discusses the various methods cyber criminals are adopting during Covid-19. The discussion also looks at making online payments, trading in cryptocurrency and keeping safe online from cyber criminals.

Rural Crime – Intentions, Prevention and Detection

Crime Stoppers Victoria takes a look into the world of rural crime by speaking to experts in the study of this form of behaviour and from farmers themselves who understand it first-hand.

In part-one, rural criminologist, author and senior lecturer at the University of New England, Dr Alistair Harkness speaks to Crime Stoppers Victoria on the motives and impacts of farm crime taking place across the state of Victoria.

The discussion also provides tips on help prevent crime taking place on your farm and how to play a role in solving rural crime activity.

In part-two, three farmers from the Wimmera region of Victoria, David Johincke, Sam Eagle and Bruce Crafter, discuss their first hand experiences relating to farm crime activity and preventative measures.

A Home Away From Home

In a two-part series, Crime Stoppers Victoria explores international students in Melbourne and their experiences, joys and challenges in living in a new city and new country.

In part-one, we speak with Councilor Philip Le Liu of the City of Melbourne, chair of the International Engagement portfolio for the council.

We discuss how students find settling in Melbourne, meeting new people, their feelings towards safety, issues with racism and how they navigate through a completely new environment.

In part-two, we chat to five Melbourne international students. The students, Akshay, Raffa, Luisa, Dang and Wendy hail from five different countries, India, Indonesia, Colombia, Vietnam and China respectively.

We learn why they chose Melbourne to study, getting familiar within their new city, safety, reporting crime and racism following the outbreak of Covid-19.

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