Call it Out

Crime Stoppers’ latest campaign Call it Out  encourages the community of Sunraysia to call out suspicious or criminal activity by reporting to Crime Stoppers. 

The campaign remindpeople in regional Victoria of the confidential reporting service that Crime Stoppers’ provides, and the anonymity we assure every caller or person reporting online. 

No-one should feel unsafe if they have information or know something about criminal activity, especially people in small or local communities who may feel reprimanded for speaking up against crime. 

By utilising the reporting service, people can have comfort in knowing their identity is protected and the information they provide is processed and followed up by police.  

With crime rates in Mildura (including drug and burglary offences) seeing an increase from last year, police have noted the significant increase in community awareness and reporting of suspicious activity. 

According to the Crime Statistics Agency (CSA) 542 Drug Offences were recorded in Mildura and 423 of these offences related to Drug Possession (previous year394). 

CSA also recorded 350 residential non-aggravated burglary offences (up from 336) and 467 thefts from motor vehicle offences (up from 382). 

Crimcan be prevented if people share what they know. If something looks out-of-place, unusual, or just isn’t right, this can be reported to Crime Stoppers.  

Unusual or suspicious behaviour may look like: 

  • A person loitering around residential, commercial, or industrial areas at unusual times of days, more than once a day. 
  • An unknown motor vehicle driving slowly around a neighbourhood or street on more than one occasion. 
  • A person looking into a home, business or motor vehicle through the windows and/or trying to open the windows or doors. 
  • Loud or unusual noises like a dog barking, people yelling or fighting, alarm sounds 

If you are not sure of what you know or what you saw, remember every tip to Crime Stoppers is important and could assist police in building a case or even making an arrest. 

Crime Stoppers do NOT trace IP addresses and do NOT have caller ID. You can make a confidential report at or on 1800 333 000 

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